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Advisory Board

Dr Claudine Domoney

Consultant Gynaecologist


Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust

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Claudine Domoney is a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician with over a quarter of a century of expertise. She spends most of her working days thinking and talking about, examining and operating on vaginas and vulvas. She has a particular interest in the changes over a lifetime, including the consequences of hormonal changes, pregnancy, surgery and cancers. Recognising that these may have a profound effect on the physical, mental and sexual health of women, she takes a holistic approach to empowerment through understanding and education. Claudine speaks to women of all ages and healthcare professionals in a variety of settings – from institutions to the kitchen table – about these issues. Her roles have included chair of the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine, trustee/advisory board member of the National Association of Premenstrual Syndrome and the British Menopause Society, and member of the International Urogynecology Association pelvic floor and sexual function questionnaire panel.Personal and professional experience of the vaginal journey is a starting point for her involvement in the Vagina Museum.

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