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Juno Roche

Author & Activist



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Juno Roche writes for a wide range of publications including Refinery29, Diva, i-D, Broadly, Vice, The Tate Magazine, Photoworks, Them, Novara Media, The i, The Evening Standard, The Independent, Huffington Post. Her articles have been described as essential reading and brutally honest. Her first book 'Queer Sex' was released April 19th 2018. 'Queer Sex' was described by Bitch Media as being, 'simply phenomenal'. Her next book 'Cock & Ball(s)' is out late 2019.As a campaigner she created the 'Finding our T Spot' set of events, happenings and conversations. In which issues around trans and non binary bodies, sex, desire and sexual risk taking were discussed and considered, this led to new research being initiated to try and understand why trans women globally are so at risk from HIV. Her campaigning work has been described as provocative, cutting edge and innovative. She is an accomplished public speaker and last year keynoted at most of the Russell Group Universities, including St Andrews and Oxford. She has addressed several of the APGs in the House of Lords around pleasure and sexual risk. She is frequently booked to talk about her life as a woman who happens to be transgender, HIV positive and just a little bit rude.

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