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Let's Talk About It


What can you do to advocate for people with endometriosis?

Activism comes in many forms and can be big like organising protests and strikes, or small - but equally valid - like getting your HR department to change its flexible hours policy.


Individuals and charities all over the world are fighting for us - getting governments to commit funding for research, changing laws and policies, running support groups in person and online, fundraising, combating misogyny, white supremacy, queerphobia and transphobia, and raising awareness of this extremely common disease. Join us.

Zines About Endometriosis

These zines have been made by or in collaboration with endometriosis patients. Art is extremely powerful - raw data just can’t communicate the emotional impact this disease has on people. Take a moment to read about their experiences and learn what people need so you can platform patients and advocate for them.


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