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Making the Unknown Known


Thank yous and credits

Curator: Florence Schechter
Designer: The Creative Core
Advisor: Elisabeth Bean
Marketing: Zoe Williams
Events: Nora Lempriere 

Special thank you to Rhubi Worth, Alex Lyons, Angela Hicks, Aneesa Khan, Anna Rose Kerr, Claire Mead, Polly Cohen, Claye Bowler, Endometriosis UK, Annalise Weckesser and the Social SciencEs Endometriosis Network.


Thank you to Tara, Olivia Krampla, Cara Duguid, Fernanda, Madeline Odent, Emily Bush, Emma Butler, Eleanor, Maggie Konze, Rhiannon Bryan, Charlotte Orange, Krithika Reddy, Joanna, Meghan Wright, Briony Oliver, Flo, Shoshana Weissmann, Rani Narayan, Rebecca Scollay, Madison, Emily Patten, Amari Young, Jane, Amy Standfast, Kara Vernon, Esh Amram, Sophie Fishel, Tammy jezerski, Victoria Hardy, Nadyne Moutrage, Jemma Channing, Krista, Andy Shaham, Amy, Sally, Francesca Johnson de Sousa Brito, Riley Inah Choe, Sophie McKay, Ash Bainbridge, Anna Wilson and Nikki.

Thank you to the over 200 people who submitted their objects and stories of endometriosis to this exhibition. This is for you.

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