Future Exhibitions

Periods: A Brief History


6 June 2020 


Free entry - no booking required


Periods have been a taboo subject within society for thousands of years. Over 800 million people menstruate daily (Global Citizen, 2019) and over 50% of the global population will menstruate at some point in their lives, yet this natural process some bodies go through is something still shrouded in shame and stigma to this day.


Historically there was little known about the human body, let alone the reproductive system and its biology. Many cultures and societies saw periods as injuries, signs of much bigger illness or issues within the body, or even poor mental health. Menstruation has only just started to be properly understood and studied within the last 60 years, meaning that for centuries we have been acting on assumptions of what they are, why we have them and how to treat them.


This exhibition highlights just a few of the multiple facts and stories from throughout history that highlight the ongoing issues that surround periods, how they are perceived, and how a lack of understanding and provision for them in has impacted on lives of people to this day.


Periods: A Brief History is sponsored by The Body Shop.