Florence Schechter


Pronouns: She/Her

Florence's background is in science communication and is the founder of the Vagina Museum. She came highly commended in the Women of the Future Awards 2017 in the arts and culture category for her work. As a science communicator, she has performed around the world at the Science Museum, Royal Society, British Science Festival, BlueDot Festival, Abu Dhabi Science Festival and the Grant Museum, to name a few. She also sits on the Trajectory, Ideas and Ambassadors Board of Cheltenham Science Festival.

Sarah Creed


Pronouns: She/her

Sarah is a curator and exhibitions manager with over 10 years’ experience working in a variety of museum and galleries throughout the UK, including the British Museum, Museum of London and Imperial War Museums. With a passion for contemporary art and social history, Sarah has championed numerous research and exhibition projects ranging from punk culture in 1970s London to contemporary Cuban documentary photography, and has a passion for making accessible, inclusive and representative cultural content for all. An LGBTQ+ advocate and proud feminist, Sarah sees joining the Vagina Museum team as a perfect opportunity to combine her professional experience with her passion for championing open and honest discussions around sexual health, reproductive rights and gynaecology.

Zoe Williams

Development and Marketing Manager

Pronouns: She/Her

Zoe is communications professional who specialises in not specialising, preferring to work at all levels in small organisations who make a big difference. She's worked for diverse causes from democratic reform to rare genetic diseases, and is delighted to be a part of the Vagina Museum to use her skills to educate, empower and challenge. Zoe is an ardent feminist, and in her spare time gets involved in activism for social and gender justice, as well as writing and baking for fun. Zoe's educational background is in Health Psychology.

Sarah Harman

Research Manager, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Sarah has worked in global health for over 15 years, with a strong interest and focus on sexual and reproductive health. Initially trained as a scientist, she worked on the development of vaginal HIV prevention technologies before moving into project management. In her current role, she manages a large programme of global health research for a London based university. She has a particular interest in menstrual health, education, and ensuring no child ever has to miss school due to period poverty. She is a a passionate feminist and advocate for inclusive sexual health and reproductive rights. She is committed to reducing the endemic stigma and shame surrounding vaginas (including her own personal crusade against “feminine deodorant products”), normalising discussion and education amongst all genders and ages, and empowering people who have a vagina to enjoy and celebrate it.

Niharika Jain

Marketing Manager, Barbican Centre

Niharika is a creative and strategic marketer with a growing breadth of experience in cultural venues, charities and museums, including the Barbican, the British Museum, Historic Royal Palaces, the National Theatre and Spitalfields Music. Her strengths lie in audience development, data analysis, partnership development and communication campaign management. Whenever she can, she loves talking gender, power and vaginas. For her, Feminism = equality = the belief in a better world. This idea is contagious. Sharing and imagining positive futures is very important to her – a future in which vaginas are not under attack, not shamed but instead celebrated.

Kristina Johansson

Director, Solberga Foundation

Kristina is a sex tech entrepreneur, impact investor, and sex educator. She has been leading business strategy for O.school, a sex and pleasure education start up in San Francisco that centers women and gender diverse people. She recently moved to London to become the Executive Director of a philanthropic UK foundation. Over the past 10 years, she has been involved in activism for economic, environmental, and gender justice. She received her degree in Gender, Sexuality & Feminist studies from Middlebury College. After graduating, Kristina worked for Planned Parenthood and United Nations Peace Women Program in New York City. She is originally from UK and Sweden but grew up internationally.

Mae Matauka

Founder, Mino Period

Mae is the Founder of Mino, a menstrual hygiene social enterprise that aims to provide a cost effective sustainable solution to period poverty. She is responsible for the strategy and vision for Mino as it expands. Mae has a long and distinguished record of achievement and leadership within several communities that stemmed from her membership in the inaugural U.K. Youth Parliament in 2000. ​ Mae's academic background is in International Politics & Sociology. Mae has previously worked across various sectors including luxury fashion, charity organisations and, has been involved in successfully managing several corporate events locally and internationally.

Florence Schechter

Director, Vagina Museum

Florence's background is in science communication and is founder of the Vagina Museum. She came highly commended in the Women of the Future Awards 2017 in the arts and culture category for her work. ​ As a science communicator, she has performed around the world at the Science Museum, Royal Society, British Science Festival, BlueDot Festival, Abu Dhabi Science Festival and the Grant Museum, to name a few. She also sits on the Trajectory, Ideas and Ambassadors Board of Cheltenham Science Festival.

Stevie Tyler

Freelance Third Sector Consultant

Stevie is a Third Sector expert with over a ten years experience in driving income through relationship fundraising. She has worked for some of the biggest charities in the UK such as the NSPCC, Macmillan Cancer Support and British Heart Foundation and is now a freelance consultant. In addition, she has lots of experience in strategy development for small charities and businesses and a huge passion for building confident and inspiring teams of people. Stevie is a co- founder of Rhymes with Orange, London’s biggest and most inclusive spoken word night. She has performed at the Fringe, a range of festivals and loves supporting new writing and creativity. She has run creative retreats, performance workshops and writing sessions to provide people the confidence and platform they need for success. Becoming a trustee of the Vagina Museum is an opportunity to take the passion Stevie has for the arts and combine it with her knowledge of creating impactful and meaningful stories to raise money for charitable causes.

Amy Reddington

Gallery Assistant

Pronouns: She/Her

During the day, Amy works in communications at Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust but clearly not content with only thinking about all things gynaecological during the 9-5! Information and breaking down myths and stigma is key to empowering women to make their own decisions about their health, which is why Amy is so pleased to be volunteering at the Vagina Museum.

Anja Zinke

Gallery Assistant

Pronouns: She/her

Anja moved from Canada to complete her MSc of Reproductive and Sexual Health Research in London and has been her since! She a fierce intersectional feminist and an advocate for access to comprehensive sex education to end stigma against the amazing vulva. Anja is proud to volunteer at the Vagina Museum and be a part of the inclusive environment championing all things vulvas!

Chloe Wilson

Front of House

Pronouns: She/Her

Chloe moved to London from Leicestershire 3 years ago to start a Gender Studies postgrad at UCL and has been here ever since. She is now working in the museums and heritage sector and is absolutely ecstatic to be involved in the introduction of vulvas and vaginas to London’s society and museum scene!

Jay Deblue

Front of House/Gallery Assistant

Pronouns: She/Her

Jay is one of our Front of House volunteers and has also worked with London’s Feminist Library. She is a proud proponent of intersectional feminism and believes that everyone should have access to a comprehensive sex education, so she is excited to welcome as many people to the Vagina Museum as possible! If you can explain the distinction between a vulva and a vagina when you leave the museum, she will reward you with a beaming smile, or with something else of no monetary value.

Jill Heller

Front of House

Pronouns: She/her

Jill is an intersectional feminist from Queens, New York who is passionate about creating and preserving accessible, feminist community spaces. Since moving to the UK, she has been cataloguing at the Feminist Library and researching the ways in which digitisation intersects and interferes with feminist public space in London. She believes in the need for and power of places like the Vagina Museum and is thrilled to be a part of destigmatising vaginas and vulvas.

Kathryn Thomson

Front of House

Pronouns: She/Her

Kathryn Thomson is a lesbian, feminist, and a citizen of the world, working in the fields of training, teaching, learning and development. Like many people, she was born out of a vagina, which is pretty bloody amazing. Volunteering at the world's first ever Vagina Museum is also quite amazing and a long time coming.

Ki Hng

Front of House

Pronouns: Per/pers/person

Ki (rhymes with pie) of the always outrageous hair, is a devoted cat mum of one who volunteers at Switchboard.lgbt when not volunteering at the Vagina Museum. Person moonlights during the day as a super resolution microscope technician for UCL when per needs spending money. Ki grew up in Malaysia, where per experience with the lack of intersectional human rights, GSRD awareness, and basic sex education built per desire for a world where children have reliable sources of information and do not need to learn about sex from porn magazines and dodgy online chat rooms. While Ki wishes to be taken seriously as a sex educator, per is incapable of looking serious in profile photographs. Per is a colourful person with many colourful interests and you never know what colour per hair will be the next time you see per!

Lara Machado

Gallery Assistant

Pronouns: She/her

Lara Machado is a Brazilian designer studying at the MA Curating Contemporary Design at Kingston University funded with a Chevening Scholarship, the UK government’s international awards programme aimed at developing global leaders. She was previously awarded a study abroad scholarship for the BA Design at Goldsmiths — University of London. She is a feminist and believes in design as a critical and multidisciplinary subject and a tool for reflection and change. Besides having worked with design in various contexts and as an Art Director, she is also very passionate about performance and musical theatre.

Leah Hewerdine

Front of House

Pronouns: She/her

This one’s a feisty blonde from a dog guarded house surrounded by green rolling fields… But don’t let that cool you off, she’s a loaded pistol, who likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain! Yours for the volunteering, PhD student… Leah! As well as a Shrek fan, She is volunteering at the Vagina Museum because she shares in its mission to spread knowledge of gynaecological health and anatomy in the hope that we can erase the stigma and shame associated with vaginas.

Martha Gartside-Mitchell

Front of House

Pronouns: She/Her

Martha is a recent history graduate who is still figuring it all out. She is interested in the cultural history of sex, everyday life and the influence of medieval saints. You can find her dancing naked in her kitchen or feeding her friends like the queer Jewish mother she was born to be. Martha is proud to volunteer for the Vagina Museum, which campions the radically inclusive and educational feminism she believes in.

Natalie Flack

Front of House

Pronouns: She/her

Natalie volunteers at the Vagina Museum in between studying for her MA in French Translation. She's an intersectional feminist and period blogger who believes in the importance of breaking down the stigma relating to all things gynaecological. As a Front of House volunteer she enjoys sharing in the excitement of visitors to the museum and talking about menstruation whenever the opportunity arises. Don’t hesitate to share with her how all things vaginal are talked about in different languages and cultures to help her in her quest of becoming a top cunnylinguist.

Naz Toorabally

Front of House

Naz is a musician, freelance model and cruelty-free makeup enthusiast working in marketing, but her academic background is in psychological and epistemological research on female sexual function and wellbeing which has been published. She is also the founder and editor of WEIRDO, a digital and print publication by and for alternative South Asians who identify with subcultures such as punk and goth. Naz can’t wait to welcome people to the Vagina Museum and get talking about vaginas, vulvas and sexual function!

Sarah Staniforth

Front of House

Pronouns: She/her

Sarah is an autistic feminist and freelance writer who was born and bred in the North of England. She graduated in 2019 with a BA in Sociology with a specialism in Gender Studies from the University of Warwick. Sarah is a strong believer in comprehensive sex education, and is thrilled to be part of the Vagina Museum's work towards a future where the gynecological anatomy is no longer stigmatised!

Saskia Boujo

Front of House/Gallery Assistant

Pronouns: She/her

Saskia is a mother of 3 young girls and works part time as a Sex and Relationships Educator. She feels very passionately about being open and honest about our bodies, relationships and sex in an age appropriate way. She thinks this museum is an exciting sign of the times we are now finally embracing, and is so thrilled to be part of it.

Vanessa Gibeson

Front of House

Pronouns: She/her

Vanessa is an intersectional feminist who is jazzed about bold initiatives that actively fight the patriarchy (like the Vagina Museum!). She hails from California where she spent her time advocating for universal healthcare, dabbling in hand weaving, and yearning after other people's dogs. In college, she studied gender studies and taught sexual education to high school students and incarcerated youth. Although she no longer teaches sex ed, she enjoys talking about sex, bodies, and periods with just about anyone because she believes that getting these topics out in the open is a healthy way to demystify them and ultimately make more room in society for people with vulvas.

Alix Fox

Journalist and Sex Educator

Alix Fox is a multi award-winning broadcaster, writer and sex educator. Co-host of BBC Radio 1's Unexpected Fluids - an unflinchingly honest comedy show about when sex goes tits up; resident X-rated agony aunt on The Modern Mann podcast (Silver Podcast of the Year 2016, ARIAs); and presenter of The Guardian's audio documentary series Close Encounters (Silver Podcast of the Year 2017, ARIAs), Fox is also an Ambassador for Brook young people's sexual health charity. She was named Best Sex Expert 2018 by ETO magazine, and is part of the Women Of the Future foundation, which recognises female talent and kindness in business. Employed as a representative and consultant for Superdrug, ONE Condoms and Tenga intimate toys, and a former editor on Bizarre magazine, you can find Fox's work in such places as Marie Claire, Cosmo, and Stylist magazine's Life Lessons From Remarkable Women book, and watch her in action on Channel 4's The Sex Testers. She believes in being "Decently indecent".

Amazin LêThi

Founder, Asian Athletes Alliance

Pronouns: She/Her

Amazin LêThi is a Vietnamese activist and thought leader and from her personal journey of homelessness and passion for sports founded the Amazin LêThi Foundation. She is also a former competitive bodybuilder, entertainment executive, Vietnam’s leading health and fitness expert and first internationally published fitness author. During the Obama administration, she helped organize the first 'Spirit Day' collaboration with GLAAD and White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders 'Act to Change' in October 2016 and her story was part of the first public White House Initiative ‘Act to Change’ an awareness campaign that addresses bullying within the Asian American community. In 2012, she became the global ambassador for Vietnam Relief Services, and in 2014 the first Asian global ambassador for Athlete Ally. In 2016, GLAAD named Amazin one of only seven Asian LGBTQ activists accelerating equality globally and in 2018 named one of four Asian LGBTQ athletes accelerating sports equality by the American National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance along with becoming the first openly out Asian athlete to appear in the Stonewall UK ‘Rainbow Laces Campaign’. In 2019, listed in the Australian Pride Power List and for the second year listed in the Human Rights Campaign Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Honours list. She is a board advisor for S.A.F.E: Safe Asylum & Finding Empowerment – A New York organization for LGBTQ immigrant and asylum seekers, the world’s first Vagina Museum, Queer Britain Museum, Interim Spaces and the LGBTQ + Venue Forum – Night Czar (Advisory Group) Mayor of London.

Cerys Bradley

Science Communicator

Pronouns: They/Them

Cerys Bradley is a PhD student studying the Dark Web in the UCL Crime and Security Science Department. They teach about their research and how to access the internet anonymously and safely to primary and secondary school students. Outside of their studies, Cerys is an LGBTQ+ advocate - they perform stand-up comedy and give talks on the ethics of scientific research about the LGBTQ+ community; volunteer with LGBTQ+ charities London Friend and Stonewall; and are the producer and presenter of the podcast the Coming Out Tapes, an audio archive of LGBTQ+ stories. Image credit: Steve Cross

Dr Claudine Domoney

Consultant Gynaecologist

Claudine Domoney is a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician with over a quarter of a century of expertise. She spends most of her working days thinking and talking about, examining and operating on vaginas and vulvas. She has a particular interest in the changes over a lifetime, including the consequences of hormonal changes, pregnancy, surgery and cancers. Recognising that these may have a profound effect on the physical, mental and sexual health of women, she takes a holistic approach to empowerment through understanding and education. Claudine speaks to women of all ages and healthcare professionals in a variety of settings – from institutions to the kitchen table – about these issues. Her roles have included chair of the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine, trustee/advisory board member of the National Association of Premenstrual Syndrome and the British Menopause Society, and member of the International Urogynecology Association pelvic floor and sexual function questionnaire panel. ​ Personal and professional experience of the vaginal journey is a starting point for her involvement in the Vagina Museum.

Prof. Emma Rees

Professor of Literature and Gender Studies, University of Chester

Emma Rees is Professor of Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Chester, UK, where she is Director of the Institute of Gender Studies. In 2013 her second book, The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History was published, and a revised, paperback edition came out in 2015. She has presented her talk, ‘Vulvanomics: How We Talk About Vaginas’ at well over 30 venues throughout Europe and the US. She has published widely in the field of gender and representation, and is currently working on her third book, tentatively called That is a Feminist Issue, looking at modern feminism’s fractures. She runs the biennial international, interdisciplinary Talking Bodies conference at the University of Chester (next conference: 10th -13th April 2019).

Gabby Edlin

Founder, Bloody Good Period

Gabby Edlin, 31, is an activist campaigning for an end to period poverty. She started Bloody Good Period back in 2016 when she was volunteering at the New London Synagogue asylum-seekers' drop-in centre, and discovered that sanitary towels were only provided for 'in emergencies'. A whip around for donations of towels or tampons on Facebook turned into a full-blown operation to collect and distribute toiletries and period supplies for asylum seekers all around the UK. Bloody Good Period now has a squad of 60 volunteers who provide more than 2000 sanitary products a month to women living in period poverty across the UK. ​ Gabby has a Masters in Applied Imagination from Central St Martins.

Hana Ayoob

Artist and Creative Producer

Hana is a science events curator and artist, with a particular interest in the intersection between art and science. She has a degree in Natural Sciences and Business Studies, and has spent the past five years working in patient engagement and science communication. ​ She enjoys using her creativity, passion for science and organization skills to create events, which inspire and entertain diverse audiences. Hana’s love for art and science also manifests itself in her illustration work which draws from her passion for anatomy and zoology.

Hibo Wardere

FGM Activist

Hibo Wardere is a mother of seven and an FGM activist. For the past few years she has been working with schools, health officials, police departments and others to educate them on FGM. Prevention is Key, the more that individuals are educated, the more victims are saved. Hibo wrote the book "Cut" about her FGM journey from the moment she was cut and how it affected her. She chose to use what had happened to her to better the lives of others and ensure they do not experience the implications, both mental and physical, that FGM can have.

Jamie McCartney

Fine Artist

Jamie McCartney is a professional artist based in Brighton. Working largely in figurative sculpture and photographic collages, his main focus is the human body, often sociopolitical, frequently sexual, never dull. A degree in Experimental Art wasn’t the immediate road to riches he expected yet for some reason it still informs much of his practice, which leans towards narrative, provocation and absurdity. He embraces new media and actively collaborates with other artists, scientists and the public. Jamie appears frequently discussing pet subjects such as ‘Art versus Pornography’ and himself. ​ Jamie’s iconic 2011 artwork, The Great Wall of Vagina, was first exhibited on London’s Cork Street and later at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. It has been championed as a game changer in the public understanding of normal vulvar variation. Five years in the making and entirely self-funded, it was a labour of labia love which has been consistently in the media since before it was finished. It features in several sex ed texts and is used by medical professionals the world over to reassure women and dissuade them from unnecessary cosmetic surgery. As an artwork it succeeds as a visual spectacle whilst surreptitiously educating an unsuspecting public. “Our society would benefit from a more enlightened attitude towards our sexual bodies and artists have a critical voice in that conversation. Viva la Vulvalution!”

Juno Roche

Author and Activist

Juno Roche writes for a wide range of publications including Refinery29, Diva, i-D, Broadly, Vice, The Tate Magazine, Photoworks, Them, Novara Media, The i, The Evening Standard, The Independent, Huffington Post. Her articles have been described as essential reading and brutally honest. Her first book 'Queer Sex' was released April 19th 2018. 'Queer Sex' was described by Bitch Media as being, 'simply phenomenal'. Her next book 'Cock & Ball(s)' is out late 2019. ​ As a campaigner she created the 'Finding our T Spot' set of events, happenings and conversations. In which issues around trans and non binary bodies, sex, desire and sexual risk taking were discussed and considered, this led to new research being initiated to try and understand why trans women globally are so at risk from HIV. Her campaigning work has been described as provocative, cutting edge and innovative. She is an accomplished public speaker and last year keynoted at most of the Russell Group Universities, including St Andrews and Oxford. She has addressed several of the APGs in the House of Lords around pleasure and sexual risk. She is frequently booked to talk about her life as a woman who happens to be transgender, HIV positive and just a little bit rude.

Dr Leila C.G. Frodsham

Consultant Gynaecologist

Leila graduated in 1995 and started training in 1998 in Psychosexual Medicine. She has worked in Obstetrics and Gynaecology for 23 years and as a consultant since 2009. Her research was in Assisted Conception-Mother to Embryo viral transmission risk-and interests include: improving childbirth experience and tocophobia, vulvodynia, sexual pain disorders, vaginismus, ambulatory gynaecology, menopause and sexuality and natural fertility. She has been on the IPM council for over ten years as Programme Secretary, Chair and Media and communications rep. She is also a Seminar Leader-training other health care professionals in psychosexual medicine.

Dr Kate Lister

Lecturer, Leeds Trinity University

Kate Lister is intellectually slutty. She spends most of her time peeping up the skirts of history and reporting what she finds to over 180,000 follows on Twitter as @WhoresofYore. Kate has been fascinated by sex ever since she found a stash of porn mags in a hedge, on the way to school and Stewart Riley gave her two sherbet dib-dabs and a glitter pen to be allowed to look at them. Had she not been able to channel this interest into an academic discipline, she may very well have wound up a porn baron. Thankfully, she is now a lecturer at Leeds Trinity University, where she researches the history of sexuality and curates the online research project Whores of Yore. ​ Whores of Yore is a digital public engagement project that works to make research on sexuality and the history of sex work accessible to the public. The project creates space for the voices of academics, sex workers, activists, artists, therapists and historians to stand alongside one another and work towards joining up conversations around sexuality. ​ Kate is also a columnist for inews where she writes about the history of sex, covering such diverse subjects as medieval impotence tests and the forgotten custom of baking bread with your genitals. Not only does Kate research the history of sex work, but she is a staunch ally in the fight for sex worker rights. She is a board member of the International Sex Work Research Hub and an advocate for Basis Sex Work Project in Yorkshire, a charity who support sex workers working across all sectors.In 2017, Kate won the Sexual Freedom Award for Publicist of the Year.

Dr Meredith Jones

Reader in Gender and Media Studies, Brunel University

Meredith works at the intersections of media theory, gender studies, and cultural studies. She is particularly interested in popular culture, visuality, and embodiment, and has published widely in these areas. Her chapter 'Media-Bodies and Photoshop' is a good example of how she links them. She often speaks publicly about popular culture and feminism, and has edited a themed edition of Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty about the Kardashians as well as hosting a scholarly 'Kimposium'. ​ Her latest book, Beautyscapes: Mapping Cosmetic Surgery Tourism, written with Ruth Holliday and David Bell, will be published by Manchester University Press this year. Her first book, Skintight: An Anatomy of Cosmetic Surgery, is a widely-cited foundational text in studies of makeover culture, cosmetic surgery and feminist theories of the body. Her other books include a major collection of feminist writing about cosmetic surgery that she co-edited with philosopher Cressida Heyes, Cosmetic Surgery: A Feminist Primer. She founded the Trunk series of books with artist and designer Suzanne Boccalatte, which includes curated collections of artworks and essays about Hair and Blood. ​ Meredith's current work centres around popular understandings of vaginas and vulvas - see her article 'Expressive Surfaces: The Case of the Designer Vagina' for an example of how she's thinking about this.

Rebecca Ashley

Anthropologist and Midwife

Rebecca is a NHS midwife and PhD student in anthropology at the University of Sussex. Her doctoral research uses ethnography to explore the politics of care in Nordic midwifery work, tracing stories of wage disputes, employment and well-being amongst midwives and doulas in Iceland. Rebecca has worked as a midwife in London, and has a particular interest in the provision of antenatal care and reproductive health education. She is a graduate associate at the Centre for Cultures of Reproduction, Technologies and Health (CORTH), at the University of Sussex, and a member of the Association of Radical Midwives.

Sarah Forbes


Dubbed a “sexpert supreme” by Cosmopolitan Magazine, for more than a decade, Sarah served as the Curator of the Museum of Sex for 12 years, cultivating a wealth of experiences for her first book and memoir, "Sex in the Museum: My Unlikely Career At New York's Most Provocative Museum". A story teller through objects, She has had the unique pleasure of being an "Indiana Jones" of sex, and a featured expert everywhere from the New York Times to The Today Show. With a graduate degree in Anthropology, as a sexual culturalist — someone who studies sexuality from a socio-cultural-historical perspective — she has created both content and strategy for those who recognise a better understanding of sex, sexuality, and identity are often critical domains for the success of cultural institutions and corporations alike. ​ In 2011, she began working with a range of start-ups. cultural organisations, publications, websites and production companies interested in engaging their audiences with an intelligent, accessible, and creative approach to content creation. With this background, she is also an expert for Motherly Media as well as a member of the Sexual Misconduct Board for Summit, which designs experiences that connect and inspire a community of today's brightest leaders. ​ She is currently working on her second book, Mama Sex, an anthropological investigation of motherhood and sexuality.

Stephanie Alys

Sex Tech Expert and Entrepreneur

Stephanie is a co-founder and Chief Pleasure Officer (CPO) for British lifestyle brand, MysteryVibe. The company develops highly personalised, luxury pleasure products through user-driven design and cutting-edge technology. As CPO, Stephanie focuses on encouraging dialogue as part of the company’s long-term vision to change perceptions around pleasure in a positive, empowering way. She believes that pleasure is a natural part of the human experience and is fundamental to our happiness. Recognised as a thought leader in sextech, she has been featured in publications such as the BBC, Times, Guardian, CNBC and TechCrunch. She regularly appears on international stages across Europe and Asia. Stephanie was awarded the Veuve Clicquot New Generation award in 2018. She was also chosen as 35 under 35 by Management Today in 2017.

Subhadra Das

Curator, UCL Pathology Collections

Subhadra Das is a historian, history of science communicator, comedian, writer and museum curator at UCL Culture where she works with the UCL Pathology and Science Collections. She regularly talks to diverse audiences in classes, seminars, lectures, public talks and stand-up comedy about all aspects of her work from collections management to working with human remains. Her main area of research is the history of science and medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries, specifically the history of scientific racism. She uses museum objects to tell decolonial stories in engaging and affirming ways.

Tara Austin

Chief Strategy Officer, Kindred

Bio coming soon