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Advisory Board

Claire Mead

Community Engagement Manager


Museum of London

Claire Mead is a community engagement manager at the Museum of London as well as an arts & heritage curator and educator. She specialises in engaging audiences around feminist and LGBTQI narratives and queering museums via consulting, exhibitions and events, as well as performance with her drag king alter ego Eugène Delacroissant.

Claire's research as a sword lesbian historian focuses on arms and armour via a queer and feminist lens which includes exploring art historical and wider cultural representations of warrior women. She shares her findings via the podcast Bustles & Broadswords, as well as the YouTube channel Joust Gal Pals. Outside of her work in the museum and heritage sector Claire is also a writer, illustrator and author of the webcomic Girls’ School of Knighthood.

Claire hopes to use her expertise in community engagement, collections, curating and queer feminist advocacy in museums and heritage to help further the Vagina Museum’s mission.

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