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Advisory Board

Polly Cohen

Sexual and Reproductive Health Doctor



Polly is an NHS doctor specialising in sexual and reproductive health (SRH). She works both in sexual health and contraception clinics, as well as hospital gynaecology. Her research, based at UCL, focuses on medical education and training including SRH for mental health professionals. Polly is especially passionate about improving access to, destigmatising and decriminalising abortion. She is a committee member of Doctors for Choice UK, has developed international abortion teaching resources and produced multiple abortion campaign music videos.

Polly feels privileged to be training as an SRH doctor and passionately believes everyone should have access to the same information about their health that she has. She has an MSc in Science Communication and is hoping to bring this, her clinical work and her passion for reproductive justice together in her position as a trustee at the wonderful Vagina Museum.

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