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Mobility access

The ground floor of the Vagina Museum is entirely flat access from street level. There are no steps or inclines between the front doors, the temporary exhibition gallery, the gift shop, the cafe and the toilet. The floor is smooth. The mezzanine galleries are currently not open to the public. They will not be open to the public until a lift is installed. 


Blind or partially sighted visitors

Large print guides for our exhibitions and magnifying glasses are available at reception.

Audio description can be requested for events by contacting us by email when booking your ticket. An audio guide for exhibitions is available on request.

We don’t have low lighting in any parts of the Museum, except when certain events are on. If you are coming to an event, and want to know the expected lighting level, please contact us for more information.


D/deaf and hard of hearing visitors

A hearing loop is available at reception for you to use. All videos in our exhibitions are subtitled. A sign language tour of our exhibitions or a BSL interpreter at events can be booked by contacting us by email when buying a ticket.


Guide and assistance animals

Guide and assistance animals are always welcome at the Museum and we can provide water. The nearest park space for your dog to relieve itself is Middleton Green on Bethnal Green Road or Museum Gardens on Cambridge Heath Road. Both are a five minute walk away.


If you require a seat to enjoy our exhibitions, please ask at reception and they will be able to provide you with a folding seat. The cafe has padded seats.

Sensory information

The space can get quite cold in cooler weather. Please dress comfortably. We do not have a cloakroom or lockers to stow your possessions. 

The Vagina Museum is located in railway arches. This means that you hear the low rumbling sound of trains overhead every few minutes. Background music is played during the day except on quiet mornings. 

The usual level of lighting in the daytime is bright enough to see all exhibits and is natural light when the sun is up. There are warm light spotlights over our exhibitions. When the sun is down, we use white fluorescent lights to light the space. During evening events sometimes the room may be dark with the stage brightly lit or lit with various colours. We will never use strobe effects in any exhibitions or events. Please email us to request further information when booking a ticket for events. 

Fidget toys are available at the front desk.


The Vagina Museum has a single gender-neutral toilet. The toilet is wheelchair accessible and has grab rails installed. A baby changing bench is available. There is a hygiene bin for disposal of waste such as menstrual products, nappies, self-catheterisation equipment, etc. Free menstrual products, incontinence pads, baby wipes and nappies are available in the toilet. 

Content warnings

The Vagina Museum’s exhibitions deal with many topics which can potentially be triggering. We discuss birth, menstruation, abortion, illness, surgery, gynaecological procedures, stillbirth and miscarriage, FGM, colonialism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, anti-intersex discrimination, anti-sex worker discrimination, fatphobia, ageism and ableism in our exhibitions. Our exhibitions feature words which some may find offensive and photographs of human vulvas and internal organs. We will supply information about potentially triggering content in our evening events in the event description.


Access mornings

On weekday mornings, we pay specific attention to particular access needs: family mornings, quiet mornings, and masked mornings. Learn more on our access mornings page


Companion tickets

If you need a carer or companion with you to access a ticketed event, please email us when booking your ticket and we will provide a free ticket for your companion. 



We do not have parking spaces on site. For further information about nearby car parking, please see our visitor information page.

Bar and cafe

Bendable plastic straws are available on request at the bar or cafe. The cafe is entirely nut-free. Our bar menu includes a gluten-free beer, alcohol-free beer, non-alcoholic cocktails and is entirely plant-based and nut-free.


Breastfeeding is welcome anywhere in the Vagina Museum. We do not have a dedicated breastfeeding room.

Anything else?

Our staff and volunteers are happy to help you with any access needs. They are identifiable by their black lanyards with “Vagina Museum” written in white.

If there’s any further information you’d like in advance of your visit, please contact us by email

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