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Community Gallery


Opening early 2024

The world has changed a lot in the past 200 years. But we've been systematically denied essential information throughout these changes. Artist Malikah Holder explores the timeline of our bodies in her work 'Herstory'.

26 year old motion graphic designer, animator, illustrator and creative director, Holder has been living with endometriosis since the age of 13 and taught herself how to animate and adapted to working from her bed.

As a teenager, she began to volunteer as a designer for businesses and events to create social change. She has designed for Birmingham Museums Trust, Cysters, Aston Hall, BOM, Sony Music, TEDx and other organisations. 

Culture, information access, chronic illness, race, neurodivergence and amplifying voices to inform on important issues have been the main themes and influences of her work as a visual artist and designer. Holder has created a space for herself after not feeling represented in the art world and works alongside incredible trailblazers to make more inclusive spaces.

This work was originally commissioned by BOM in 2020.

a woman sitting among plants

Image: Malikah Holder

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