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Access Mornings

Every weekday morning between 10am - 1pm, the museum focuses on a different access need.

Wednesdays: family mornings

This is a time when we focus on babies, children and their caregivers. The museum is welcoming to the following things at all times (except loudness on Thursday quiet mornings), but this will be the time when we focus on them. That means:

  • Expect children of all ages and sizes

  • Expect loudness  

  • Extra supplies such as nappies available

  • Breastfeeding welcomed (as always)


Thursdays: quiet mornings

This is a time when we focus on our neurodivergent and d/Deaf visitors. Please be aware that we are located in a railway arch and there will still be sound from the passing trains. That means:

  • All sound turned off on videos

  • Subtitles on all videos (as always)

  • No background music

  • Quiet voices encouraged

  • Quiet fidget toys and printed guides laid out on the front desk


Fridays: masked mornings

This is a time when we focus on being extra Covid conscious. That means

  • Mandatory masking unless exempt

  • Touching things discouraged

  • Hand sanitiser available (as always)

  • Staff wipe down high-touch surfaces every hour

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