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Our Story


There is a penis museum in Iceland. Which is pretty cool. But until 2017, there was no vagina equivalent anywhere in the world.

We were pretty miffed (muffed?) when we learnt this but we thought, there's only one way to rectify this.


Make one.

The Vagina Museum was founded with the intention of busting the stigma of the gynaecological anatomy and be part of a societal shift from bodily shame to celebration.

Our Timeline

Mar 2017

Project launched with pop up events around London

Aug 2017

Held first exhibition at Edinburgh Fringe Festival titled "Exhibitionist"


Toured pop up exhibition "Is Your Vagina Normal?" around the UK

Feb 2019

Gained registered charity status in England and Wales

Oct 2019 - Sep 2021

Opened first location in Camden Market

Mar 2022 - Feb 2023

Opened in a property-guardianship-turned-community-hub ENTER in Bethnal Green

Oct 2023

Opened long-term location in Bethnal Green


menstrual product sculptures from our camden location
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